Welcome to the Linden Alpacas web site.  We are a small, friendly breeder based in Shropshire offering alpacas and their fibre.

We are often asked �Why alpacas?�  Well, alpacas are beautiful, gentle and fascinating creatures. They can be kept as pets, for fibre or for breeding. They don�t need a lot of land, are not difficult to look after, and give enormous pleasure.

Originally from the Andes in South America, they are members of the camel family. Alpacas are bred

commercially for their fibre.  Highly sought after by the fashion industry and hand spinners, it is incredibly soft yet strong and comes in a wide variety of natural colours.

We usually have a few alpacas available to purchase. If you are interested in finding out more then please browse our site or feel free to contact us.  We love alpacas and are always happy to talk about them!

We have started a new venture this year and will be offering Llama Trekking in Shropshire from our new location at The Bog (strange name, lovely place). It is early days yet but have a look at our website  www.lindenllamas.co.uk for a glimpse of what is to come. We have also opened a Boarding Kennels as well - please see www.nipstone.co.uk.

Jayne & Neil Patterson